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[Xmca-l] is the mind a function of the brain?

Dear all,

I'm writing the final chapter of my PhD dissertation about the role of academic concepts in students' oral production and development of a second language (L2 ). Since my study is grounded on both sociocultural theory and systemic functional linguistics (SFL), one of my committee members suggested a possible contradiction in what each theory views as mind. SFLers, for instance, consider that there is no need for something called the mind that is different from the brain. They prefer to talk in terms of 'higher order semiotic consciousness' (HAlliday, 2004: The language of science) rather than mind. On their terms, the mind is a function of the brain. What is the mind for SCT? Is it the inner plane, consciousness? Has anybody discussed what this concept refers to in sociocultural theory? 

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