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[Xmca-l] My new books

Here are two new open access books which synthesize much of my thinking over the years.  Lots of Vygotsky and Activity theory, of course, along with phenomenology, pragmatism, structurational sociology, interactionism, language, writing studies, etc. Chuck

A Rhetoric of Literate Action: Literate Action Volume 1, by Charles Bazerman

A Rhetoric of Literate Action is written for "the experienced writer with a substantial repertoire of skills, [who] now would find it useful to think in more fundamental strategic terms about what they want their texts to accomplish, what form the texts might take, how to develop specific contents, and how to arrange the work of writing." The reader is offered a framework for identifying and understanding the situations writing comes out of and is directed toward; a consideration of how a text works to transform a situation and achieve the writer's motives; and advice on how to bring the text to completion and "how to manage the work and one's own emotions and energies so as to accomplish the work most effectively."

Available on the WAC Clearinghouse at http://wac.colostate.edu/books/literateaction/v1/. 
Available at Parlor Press at http://parlorpress.com/bazerman_rhetoric.

A Theory of Literate Action: Literate Action Volume 2, by Charles Bazerman

A Theory of Literate Action draws on work from the social sciences—and in particular sociocultural psychology, phenomenological sociology, and the pragmatic tradition of social science—to "reconceive rhetoric fundamentally around the problems of written communication rather than around rhetoric's founding concerns of high stakes, agonistic, oral public persuasion" (p. 3). An expression of more than a quarter-century of reflection and scholarly inquiry, this volume represents a significant contribution to contemporary rhetorical theory.

Available on the WAC Clearinghouse at http://wac.colostate.edu/books/literateaction/v2/. 
Available at Parlor Press at http://parlorpress.com/bazerman_theory.  

About Charles Bazerman

Charles Bazerman, Professor of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is the author of numerous research articles and books on the social role of writing, academic genres, and textual analysis, as well as textbooks on the teaching of writing.


About the Publishers

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