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[Xmca-l] culture change in a preschool using positive language

Dear folks,
This talk is really about changing children's concepts of themselves and
others by changing the culture of the preschool, in the Zone of proximal
development and the teachers' loan of consciousness to them at those
teachable moments. I was told NOT to be an academic and make it simple and
exciting to get the general public interested. I would be interested in any
input for the next time, in the sense that I am trying to get these ideas
across in the viewers' Zone, so they actually go away with at least one
thing they might do to change the world, their world, a child's world.

If the link doesn't come through, just google Derek patton TEDx on YouTube.

Published on 5 Dec 2013
Derek Patton explores the role of positive language - specifically, the
language of virtues - in engaging with young people with conduct disorders.

Derek is a child and family psychologist finishing his PhD on the topic of
teacher dialogue that develops children's thinking abilities at the
University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education. He is also a casual
lecturer and academic mentor in the Master of School Leadership degree
training school principals in whole school positive culture change. He
currently works in Victoria schools as a psychologist and previously worked
in youth justice, specialist residential schools and with traumatised
immigrant children.

The common thread in his research and practice has been the use of a
positive language of change optimizing capacities and hope.


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