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[Xmca-l] Re: New publication from routledge


I have been wanting for some time to join the conversation initiated by
the article for discussion at xmca. I greatly appreciate the way in which
your work articulates with and extends different threads of long standing
concern at lchc.

Your book looks fascinating. I personally have been musing over your
notions of a multi-cultural/multi-national middle/upper class that
the inequalities generated by capitalism. I think we can all agree that
constructivism is a mode of enculturation predicated on contemporary modes
and relations of production -- it were ever so, capitialism or no, that
schooling has played this role. And for sure, those of us writing in this
medium who have these concerns are deeply implicated/complicit in the
existence of the systems of governance and inequality we deplore -- a
difficult truth. That problem, too,

I hope the discussion you initiated will continue and perhaps amplify --
there are knowledgeable people out there in xmca-land who could contribute
interesting thoughts if they can find the time.

With respect to the new book, there is a real irony. At $125.00 it is out
of the reach for many of the people who, I assume, you would like to see
appropriate and use the ideas it contains.

Contradictions all the way round.


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> "Race and class distinctions within black communities: a racial caste in
> class" by Paul c. Mocombe, carol tomlin, and cecile wright
> http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415714372/
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