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[Xmca-l] Re: Do adults play?

It seems to me that the whole thing about development (finding out what 
you can do) starts at ground level with analog and preference. Like, don
't like. Then one starts to reach, try succeed or get burned, compare 
with others. 
Then it's a simple step to general mimicry and representation for all 
humans and animals ...  
I feel a definition of "play" would be incomplete without "joie de vivre
" "con brio" "exuberance"
Looking at sciences, "play in the system" has to do with elasticity, 
versatility, adjustment. 
But does play have to be "fun"? Gregory Bateson would put a table of 
random numbers in the Holy of Holies,
reminding that life does go on, in the dialectic between rigor and 

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> perhaps, Greg:  That is, "play" makes reality "real"
> by performing it.
> phillip

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