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[Xmca-l] Fwd: Historical Materialism London Conference 2013

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The following papers will be of interest to XMCAers and feature a few familiar names.

*Activity Theory: from Lev*

*Vygotsky to Evald Ilyenkov*

Chair: Adam Hanieh

Alex Levant, The Subject of Activity Theory: A CHAT with Ilyenkov

Vesa Oittinen

Peter Jones, Vygotsky, Marxism and Pavlov's Reflexology

Brecht de Smet, Labor Struggles in Sadat City: Workplaces in/of Revolution

*Soviet Marxism and Socialist*


Chair: Gregory Schwartz

Hannah Proctor, Abstraction:Utopian or Scientific? SovietPsychologists in Central Asia inthe wake of the First Five Year


The full programme is on the HM website. Sadly, I will miss this conference for the first time in years as I have to be in Germany.

Bruce R

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