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[Xmca-l] Re: Leontyev's activities

Activity theory implicates a holistic developmental paradigm frequently
focused upon the social genesis of mind.  Cognitive psychology is an
umbrella term that typically implicates a much weaker "present competence"
paradigm and simpler set of practices, principally attending to
individual's "processing" in relation to objects of interest, that are
typically ignorant of the profound issues addressed in activity theory.
 However, if you wanted to you could situate activity theory within
cognitive psychology as it is concerned with the genesis of
cognitive psychology typically is not).

If you do the reading I think you'll find that there are no "basic
differences" that would be worth bothering with.  You are better off asking
"What are the assumptions of these theories and what do they set out to do."


On 13 October 2013 07:21, Sukanta Majumdar <sukantamajumdar@aim.com> wrote:

> Hello
> Will anybody in this group kindly tell me what is the basic difference
> among Activity theory, Cognitive Psychology and K.L. Lewin's Field Theory?
> I am not from Psychology background, but interested to learn about these
> for human activity purposes.
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