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Hi! I am a graduate student at Penn working on my Master's paper in
foundations/philosophy of education. I am taking a course with Andrew
Babson and he recommended I post here for some feedback/advice.

Loosely, my topic is centered on Plato's notion of play/seriousness. I want
to explore why intellectual play is vital for success in higher ed and
envision this particular project (it's a relatively short lit review) as an
analysis of the historical context that has allowed this conversation to
happen in academia. At this point, I plan to cite Plato, Kierkegaard
(Socratic irony), and Dewey. I've also been introduced to Vygotsky and
Kendall Walton. The main challenge is bridging the conversation to higher

Any advice on where to go, books/articles to look into, etc would be
greatly appreciated!

Status: O