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[Xmca-l] Re: Fwd: Oscar winner¹s film features Khan Academy in the classroom this Friday on CBS

Salman Khan was I believe the first to use the phrase the "Flipped Classroom."  As an aside everybody is talking about the flipped classroom but a student I know has been looking into it for months and there has been almost no research.

Khan academy produces these short videos on teaching, about three to five minutes.  He worked I believe for a financial acquisitions firm, created short videos for his cousins on youtube, they starting getting hits (google in how do I solve....equation and these days you will likely get a Khan video), quit his job and started the Khan academy full time with venture capital (and venture capitalists are looking to make money).

The idea is students can learn on their own from these short videos and then come into the classroom and their teachers can walk around helping them with their homework - hence the idea of the flipped classroom.

Khan write all of the videos at this point I think.  They are all from his perspective.  The videos not only reflect his personal perspective but also the perspective of his investors (Bill Gates is a big fan I believe).  If you read interviews or see his videos - there is a famous TED video from 2011 Khan is extraordinarily naive and has almost no knowledge of education.

I personally think Khan academy is a dark reflection of the Internet, very much resembling the MOOC phenomenon although it is not marketed as a MOOC, but it is very much marketed.

I think one of the really big thing is that a single person looking to please investors is writing the youtube presentations.

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Does someone have some background about this Khan Academy?  My students
have started popping up with it. The videos start out with quickie
populism that engages but after a while it seems as if the real goal is to
get people to pick up a gun. There's serious anti-Semitism in there, too.
Who are these guys?


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>See forward below for an interesting Khan Academy promo about a teacher
>using Khan Academy to teach math in her classroom.
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>Subject: Oscar winner¹s film features Khan Academy in the classroom this
>Friday on CBS
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> Hello!
>I¹m so excited to share that one of our Khan Academy teachers and her
>are being featured in the upcoming film, TEACH, by Academy Award-winning
>filmmaker Davis Guggenheim. Watch this 3-minute sneak preview of Shelby's
>journey ahead of the premiere this Friday night:
>[image: Incredible teachers! Sneak preview of two-hour movie on CBS this
>Watch the sneak
>The emotional two-hour special, hosted by Queen Latifah, explores
>education system through the eyes of Shelby Harris, one of our star Khan
>Academy educators, and three other inspirational public school teachers.
>Join me and millions of others in watching the premiere of the full
>two-hour special this Friday on CBS at 8pm ET/PT.
>Suney Park
>*Teacher-in-residence at Khan Academy*
>*6th grade teacher at Eastside College Prep, CA*
>PO Box 1630, Mountain View, CA 94042
>P.S. If you¹re outside the US - don¹t worry! - we¹re working on getting
>access to the film directly through our site sometime soon. In the
>meantime, be sure to watch the 3-minute
>Shelby implementing Khan Academy in her classroom.
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