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[Xmca-l] Fwd: soc sci opportunity! please share with colleagues

An unusual way to go on the job front.

Dear Social Science Colleagues,

I'm writing to alert to a unique opportunity to connect your social science
research to decision-making and to encourage you to develop a partnership
with NOAA to do so.

The National Science Foundation Science, Engineering, and Education for
Sustainability (SEES) Program is offering a one to three year SEES
Fellowship in which scientists partner with, and are based at, a government
agency.  The Fellowship, which targets interdisciplinary research and
education, enables scientists to apply their research to management and
policy priorities by working directly with Federal program managers and
decision makers.  Consequently, this Fellowship is a unique opportunity to
learn first hand how science can be transitioned to policy.

Social science is gaining increased attention within NOAA and,
consequently, we are seeking  partnerships with social scientists who would
like to apply their research to NOAA priorities - weather, climate, coasts
and fisheries.   We are particularly keen to pursue partnerships related to
the following social science areas:

Risk communication to understand how best to convey hazard warnings to the

Weather response behavior to understand how to ensure timely and effective
protective actions

Socioeconomic assessments to optimize marine fisheries management

Ecosystem service valuations to demonstrate the importance of coastal

Interdisciplinary decision support work for climate assessments

Social coastal vulnerabilities to understand and mitigate risk

Incorporation of economics into resource damage assessments

Understanding and communicating the value of NOAA's products and services

To pursue this opportunity, please review the NSF Fellowship solicitation (
http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=504673 - click solicitation
12-601) .  This opportunity is open to early-career scholars (within 36
months of receiving their Ph.D. and not tenure-track). SEES awards provide
salary support, research expenses and travel support for a maximum of 3
years. Twenty awards (
&WT.z_pims_id=504673&) were granted last year.  Proposals are due November
21, 2013.  Questions about NSF-specific issues can be addressed to Dr.
Robert O'Connor (roconnor@nsf.gov).

If your interests are relevant to the above NOAA topics, and you would like
to pursue a partnership,  please contact me and I will connect you with
NOAA colleagues with relevant interests.  Please note there is no set-aside
for this announcement.  Proposals for SBE investigators to spend time at
NOAA  must compete with all the other proposals.  Nevertheless, our
interest in working with you should lead to strong proposals.

Please share this announcement with potentially interested colleagues.

We looking forward to building a partnership with you!



Leah Bunce Karrer, Ph.D.

Social Science Team

Office of Program Planning and Integration

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

1315 East-West Highway

Silver Spring, MD 29210


202 679-6640 (cell)



Penny Dockry
Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation