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[Xmca-l] Re: Systems views [leontievactivity]

Hi Larry,
 I mentioned 'structure' in relation to biological organisms, Maturana does
not consider autopoiesis beyond that - i.e unlike Luhmann, he considers
human beings with languaging cognition who realise autopoiesis structurally
coupled within a social context that makes autopoisis possible.  A rough
summary I'm making quickly, to clarify that.

Shotter is referring to a mode of using systems ideas but there are others,
which he does not consider - as these do not sit clearly within his account
that you present.  When different efforts to work in areas of Information
Systems, community settings,  agricultural ecology, were undertaken this
'scientific' mode was exposed to different kinds of need - with
contracticting values and perspectives. It was a time of movement to
participative reseach and evaluation and the approaches taken have become a
focus of interest in Methodology and systems philosophy again. In different
centres these stances are 'interpretive; 'critical' , and also research
area oriented.

Thanks for the use of this to explore scientific writing -  academic
writing is also part of a kind of conversation; albeit a lengthy one-sided
preparation to write to a number of perspectives. It is also a process to
enter amongst political factions.

Best, Christine.