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[Xmca-l] Fwd: [commfac] Re: FW: femtechnet: DOCC 2013: top listed story on Inside Higher Ed

Dear Xmcaers-

The following link to femnet mooc seems to me to offer a very interesting
model for members of xmca to think of following. We here at UCSD have been
thinking along
such lines, but this is a developed model that might actually provide some
kind of
strategic guide to action. I can imagine any number of stimulating such
efforts various
congeries of xmca could cook up.

Forwarded from Lisa Cartwright at ucsd.
>  Hi everyone, the DOCC 2013 MOOC alternative course discussed today today
> in Inside Higher Ed had one of its pilots taught in our department last
> spring by Liz Losh and me with Monika Sengul Jones, Cristina Visperas,
> Lousie Hickman, Erika Cheng, Yelena Guzman and others leading the effort to
> produce innovative course design and materials and hosting a conference
> dedicated to it--big shout-out to these graduate students for making this
> launch happen. We are one of the 17 colleges offering the class to
> undergrads in this coming year. I thought some of you you might enjoy
> reading this alternative effort given the pervasive of MOOC discussions
> right now.  Best to everyone, Lisa
> I suggest you take a look.

>  ------------------------------
>  http://www.insidehighered.com/
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