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[Xmca-l] Summary of methods used by Davydov & co in the 60's?

In Soviet Studies in Mathematics Education (v.2, pp. 348-349) Davydov cites
25 papers in relation to the experimental work undertaken contributing
towards this educational programme.  These papers don't appear to be online
and it's not clear whether any have been translated.

Have the methods used in these studies been summarised anywhere?

The abstract of one of these papers (Gal'perin, 1966, I believe) refers to
imitation and the use of the zoped as a principal method.

Whereas in later papers (e.g. Bugrimenko & Elkonin, 2002) we have
statements such as "the dominant experimental method in our child
psychology, a method worked out in detail as a functional-genetic model").

Part of the puzzle is that of the Davydov I have read, he does not refer to
the functional-genetic model (or to the experimental methods).