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[Xmca-l] Re: Leontyev's activities

So far as I know we are indebted to Percy Bridgman for the idea of the requirement of "opeational definition" of concepts.
If you search for "operation" in Einstein's reply to criticisms (from Bridgman):
I think this is a view which the Marxist Leontyev would agree with.
Molecules existed in chemical and physical theory long before one could speak of an "operational definition" of a molecule.


Huw Lloyd wrote:
On 9 August 2013 00:26, Martin Packer <mpacker@uniandes.edu.co> wrote:


I dont know how literally you're using the term, but the notion of
"operational definition" is very much part of theory of science of logical
positivism. I don't think you're going to find much of that in Leontyev.


I mean simply how the experimental paradigm(s) reflects the concept.

Seems odd to eschew a phrase that yields additional ways of knowing, e.g.
 a working definition, a test based definition, conceptual, etc.