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[Xmca-l] Re: deaf thinking

Not sure you will be interested in but there was some empirical work on the issue of deaf people's use of private (egocentric) speech: Jamieson, J.R. (1995). Visible thought: deaf children’s use of signed and spoken private speech. Sign Language Studies, 86. 63-79. At the end of the nineties Elizabeth McCarthy finished her doctoral tesis on this issue too, at Stanford University, advised by Rafael Díaz.
Adam Winsler included some references in his review:
Winsler, A. (2009). Still Talking to Ourselves After All These Years:
A Review of Current Research on Private Speech. In A. Winsler, Ch. Fernyhough, & I. Montero (Eds.), Private speech, executive functioning, and the development of verbal self-regulation, (chp. 1). New York: Cambridge University Press.
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