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[xmca] Hypermodal Inquiry – A Call for Papers


Two of my colleagues at Georgia State University are editing a special issue of Qualitative Inquiry that focuses on hypermodal and digital inquiry. More details are below and attached. 
Please feel free to share this widely.

From the call: 
Hypermodality, “the new interactions of word-, image-, and
sound-based meanings in hypermedia” (Lemke, 2002, p. 300), is sneaking into
scholarship, emerging as a space in which to think and respond differently. 
We find this space
exciting and daunting, a drop vibrating to unfold. This potential unfolding in
qualitative inquiry has brought to the fore visions of possibility—fragments of
that to become, and questioning of practice--what is inquiry, meaning,
authorship, copyright, ethics, beauty, and intent? 
How might the multimodal
affordances of technologies be put to use in ways that we have not yet
imagined? What kinds of sights, expressions, soundscapes, narratives can be
constructed that have not yet been thought? Given space, time, and permission,
what might we do?
We invite potential contributors to construct hypermodal
exemplars and offer methodological insight into the possibilities of hypermodal
Submissions should include two related parts:
1)      A
digital piece.  This exemplar should
expand the possibilities of hypermodal inquiry (Size: maximum 2G).
2)      A
textual component. The written component should push the boundaries of thought
and encourage readers to think differently.  It may be represented in any form -- traditional manuscript, narrative,
rhizome, poem or, or, or. (Length: 1 - 5,000 words). 
Abstracts should be submitted by August 31, 2013 to Jodi Kaufmann (jkaufmann@gsu.edu) and Teri
Holbrook (tholbrook@gsu.edu).  Final submissions are due March 1, 2014.  If you have any questions, email jkaufmann@gsu.eduor tholbrook@gsu.edu

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Dr. Michelle Zoss
Georgia State University

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