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[xmca] Fwd: [liberationtech] Brazilian Activists automatically being banned from Facebook

And before you act.........

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From: André Costa <andredmcosta@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 4:58 PM
Subject: Re: [liberationtech] Brazilian Activists automatically being
banned from Facebook
To: liberationtech@lists.stanford.edu

Hello guys

Just to let you all know, we have found it possibly was a well-organized
deceit. Apparently someone has spammed many messages with words related to
the military, and then started to spread a rumor that there was a
surveillance scheme going on. Since the combination of those words had
already been reported as spam, all messages started to be automatically

Some fears and rumours about the possibility of an attempt against
democracy in Brazil have been circulating here lately, and those dreads are
generally projected upon the military. Someone probably took advantage of
this situation to spread  misinformation and more fear.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help.

Sorry for the confusion. This is not the only case of the infowar that's
happening here, since journalists from independent media outlets received
attacks on their webpages lately.
2013/6/22 André Costa <andredmcosta@gmail.com>

> Hello guys
> I cannot say exactly what's going on in Brazil, but we have just revealed
> what seems to be the tip of a surveillance strategy related to the
> military. We have found that, when you send the message "Meu amigo
> general disse que a Força Nacional tá mega bem equipada, pra qualquer
> emergência."  on the chat, this content is automatically reported as
> abusive and the account is automatically suspended.
> For those who do not understand Portuguese, this sentence would translate
> as "My General-of-the-army friend said that the National Security Forces
> are very well equipped, for the case of any emergence". At least five
> friends needed to reconfirm their account, whereas I have not been able to
> come back.
> I suspect that this system of aumotically banning probably works outside
> Brazil as well, so you may try it yourselves, but take care, because it may
> not let you get you accounts back.
> Could you try to put some light on this? Any idea of what it may be?
> Thank you very much for any help
> Andre

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