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RE: [xmca] Double Stimulation?

In my undertanding, this is very broader and more powerful than double stimulation... Double stimulation could be overcoming with another way for think signs than "medium stimulus" - See "The problem of consciousness" (1933-34), for instance. The more important will be not the similarity between a nude and a word, but their difference, "before was forgotten that sign had a meaning" and "now" the meaning must be take in account. Double stimulation, in my understanding, do not resists to this new point of view. 


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> Subject: [xmca] Double Stimulation?
> I wonder if this quote by Marilyn Strathern can be productively connected
> (not necessarily geneaologically, but ideologically) to the notion of
> "double stimulation" (which I am just now trying to figure out):
> "Culture consists in the way people draw analogies between different
> domains of their worlds" (1992: 47).
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