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Re: [xmca] request [Holzkamp in English] (Marinus H. van IJzendoorn & René van der Veer)

Another one, a funny book on Holzkamp and other Bolsheviks:

Main currents of critical psychology: Vygotskij, Holzkamp, Riegel
Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, René van der Veer, Frits Goossens
Irvington Publishers, Feb 1, 1984 - Psychology - 265 pages

See, e.g., here:


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There are at least two other books in English on Holzkamp's  Critical Psychology:

Tolman, C. W. & Maiers, W. (Eds.) (1991) Critical Psychology: Contributions to an Historical Science of the Subject. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Tolman, Charles, W. (1994) Psychology, Society, and Subjectivity. An Introduction to German Critical Psychology. London: Routledge

The number 2/2009 of Theory and Psychology was dedicated to Holzkamp's work.

Thomas Teo has published many important papers, for example:

Teo, Thomas (1998) Klaus Holzkamp and the Rise and Decline of German Critical Psychology. History of Psychology, 1 (3), 235-253


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Hi all, 

A quick response to Rauno: 

A new book just out which holds, I gather, key texts by Klaus translated to english. 


Jake :o)

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