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RES: [xmca] request

Jussi, I would like to receive this material ...

Joao Martins

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Hello Haydi!

There is an English translation of the Marx -paper.

Rubinstejn, Sergej L. (1987) Problems of Psychology in the Works of Karl Marx. (Original work 1934). Studies in Soviet Thought, 33, 111-130

If you don't have this journal in your library, I can make a PDF for you.

The other one is a book, translated in Germany, but not in English.


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Hi dear folk
Could anybody help me with the following sources :

S.L. Rubinshtein, “‘Problems of psychology in the works of K. Marx,”  Soviet Psychotechnology, No. 7, 1934.
“S.L. Rubinshtein,  Principles and Means of the Development of Psychology, Moscow,  1959, p. 40.

If not available in English , in whatever major languages .

Much appreciated !

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