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Re: [xmca] Project


Sorry that is an in-joke about academics, but could I suppose it may apply
to other situations as well.  It hinges on the philosophical version of
'project' (not Andy's collaborative project).

There is a strong disparity between what academics do and what they would
like to do (lock out the students, and do some writing), that this is where
the joke came from.

So, I should have sent it to you personally, sorry.


On 3 April 2013 18:04, Martin Packer <packer@duq.edu> wrote:

> Hi Carol,
> On Apr 3, 2013, at 3:32 AM, Carol Macdonald <carolmacdon@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Mratin your work is you project, not your job.
> So someone simply doing their job is not thereby in a 'project'? The bank
> teller is not involved in a 'project,' unless and until she becomes a
> feminist, for example?
> If that is the case, it would seem to imply that 'project' is not a unit
> of analysis that we can use to understand wage labor.
> Martin
> (tho' Mratin has a certain ring to it!)
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