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Re: [xmca] Polls are closed: Manfred Holodynsk's article is choice

I was very happy to read this.  In the phrase "people find
themselves..experience...identify...commence to struggle... discover" is
the space where teaching and learning happens.

Thanks, Brecht.

What areyou doing in Egypt?

Helena Worthen 

On 4/1/13 12:47 AM, "Brecht De Smet" <Brechttie.DeSmet@UGent.be> wrote:

>Martin, I think the labor process and the history of workers' movements
>strongly exemplify how a project with an immanent goal differs from an
>activity with a goal fixed from the "outside". ....
>    People find themselves in a society structured in determined ways
>(crucially, but not exclusively, in productive relations), they experience
>exploitation (or the need to maintain power over those whom they exploit),
>they identify points of antagonistic interest, they commence to struggle
>around these issues and in the process of struggling they discover
>themselves as classes, they come to know this discovery as

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