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[xmca] Microgenesis Again: Halliday's Last Plenary

This is subsequent to our discussion on microgenesis. In 2010 M.A.K. Halliday gave his last plenary at the Congress of Systemic Functional Linguistics in UBC in Canada, which you can watch on youtube here:




Halliday is talking about the history of meaning. He uses three timescales--phylogenesis, ontogenesis, and logogenesis. Phylogenesis involves the knowledge of the forest, the knowledge of the farm and the knowledges made available by the factory and the urban life that the factory entails. Ontogenesis involves preschool, largely experiential, knowledge, primary, law-and-fact based knowledge, and secondary conceptual systemsl.


Wtih logoenesis, he points out (around 17.45 on the video) that moments of true logogenesis involve the ability to recapitulate, reformulate, and reconstrue all hitherto known forms of knowledge in the new shape. Of course, some information is always lost, just as species fall by the wayside in phylogenesis, and ontogenetically many of us fall the by the wayside and early death wipes our social experience clean of the adulthoods that might have been.


Nevertheless, there is no question but that, for example, forms of folk knowledge such as proverbs can be reconstrued as narratives, and narratives as scientific theories.Halliday points out that it is not so much a matter of learning, but rather a realization that a particular knowledge was something that you already knew in a new and strikingly unfamiliar form. That moment of logogenesis, in a learner's life, is what we have been calling "microgenesis".


David Kellogg

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


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[10th Annual Action Research Conference]


Who should attend this event?

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Contribute to the exploration of action research as a method for inquiry through dialogue by participating at the 10th Annual SOLES Action Research Conference.

The Conference<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001eqbVEHHtU0EeBobsGLPacTAP2XA0UrwFMIM7IMzrpke6pnHi8Z8aNd95G6gfqDY-QwHOuA8vtd2kN_QjFQ-aVZv8KlUwTJgy0Z45eeyL2XvQwveky2ays2zmkowdBsWrkklso7l3KZA=> will offer ample opportunities to engage in a variety of open and deep dialogues on action research through cross-disciplinary cross-institutional, and cross-cultural contexts in the form of presentations, panel discussions, workshops, symposium, and other social activities.

In an increasingly global and complex society, there is a growing need for us to engage in open dialogues for improving and sustaining professional practice. As we encounter challenges in diverse professional, institutional, socio-political, economic, and cultural contexts, one way to sustain practice improvement efforts is by engaging in action inquiry. It is through such inquiry that new perspectives and the sense of empowerment could be truly developed in our hearts and minds.

One of the key goals of this year's conference is to create an arena for action research dialogues that matter and to develop our capacity for high quality action inquiry through such dialogues.

Who should attend this event?

* Graduate Students
* University Faculty
* Action Researchers
* Educators
* Professional Leaders
* School Administrators
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* Graduate student presentations and reflective dialogue
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