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[xmca] An interesting article worth reading.


Hello all,

I found this interesting article, where the writer tries to reject Piaget and Vygotskys theories of mind in relation to education. It is very well writen and has very valid points but whether the writer rejects Vygotsky or confirms Vygotsky it is not clear to me even if he thinks that his rejecting him. I think that Vygotsky in his Thought and Language says very simillar things with the author. My impression is that the author has more or less rejects Vygotsky without even get to know him well enough (i might even be wrong though and its me that i dont know Vygotsky well) . I am not saying that i know Vygotsky well in level to form a valid opinion about his work, but i think you do know Vygotskys theories quite well thats why i am sending you this article, just to see what do you think about it.

Anyway, if you will think that this is an article  worth reading, let me know of your opinion.

By the way the author used to be the Minister of Education in Cyprus (where i come from) and he tried to totally reconstruct the educational system of the country, but i am not sure about the actual result of this effort.


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