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[xmca] Evaluation of learning

Hi all,

Have some of you been working on evaluation of learning outcomes and
learning dynamics from a cultural-historical, activity-based
In that case, would you have some ressource people and recent papers
to recommend?
I would like to build an evaluation framework which is consistent with
the learning theory and methodology we believe in (in the Activity
Clinic perspective, i.e. Vygotskian, concrete, dialogical) but I don't
know any good starting point to do so.

What I would like to evaluate is adult learning in free-choice,
collaborative learning environments. I am interested (no other choice)
in evaluating outcomes but even more on identifying learning
interactions and dynamics.

I guess some people from the list may have been working explicitly on
analyzing interactional data for tracking learning processes. This is
also something I am investigating now.

Thank you for any clue on these two topics,
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