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[xmca] Fwd: [lchc] Fwd: [dmlhub-l] 2013 Digital Media and Learning Conference: Call For Proposals

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Subject: [lchc] Fwd: [dmlhub-l] 2013 Digital Media and Learning Conference:
Call For Proposals
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The 2013 Digital Media and Learning Conference website is now live at
http://bit.ly/dml2013. This year's theme is "Democratic Futures:
Mobilizing Voices, and Remixing Youth Participation" and the
conference chair is Craig Watkins.

"I think this conference is an opportunity for the digital media and
learning community to provide evidence, examples, and models of the
ways in which youth activism in this country--and, certainly, around
the world--are quite robust." - Craig

The Call For Proposals is now open, and will close on November 6 at
5:00pm PT: http://bit.ly/dml2013cfp. We welcome workshops, panels and
papers along five themes:
1. Envisioning 21st Century Civic Education
2. Youth Media and Youth Movements: Organizing, Innovation, Liberation
3. Whose Change Is It Anyway? Futures, Youth, Technology and Citizen
Action in the Global South (and the rest of the world)
4. Tech for Governance: Community-Driven Innovation
5. Digital Media and Learning

Early online registration for the Conference will begin in December.
In the meantime, you can receive DML2013 updates in a number of ways:
1. Sign up for the dmlhub-l listserv: http://bit.ly/dmlhub-l
2. Add the Conference News feed to your Feed Reader:
3. 'Like' us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/dmlresearchhub
4. Follow @dmlconference and #DML2013 on Twitter

If you have DML2013 questions, please contact dmlhub [at] hri.uci.edu.
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