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[xmca] FW: ISCAR Rome Conference 2011 Keynote Lectures Official DVDs now on sale

From: ISCAR Rome Conference 2011 [mailto:info@iscar2011.org]
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2012 4:05 AM
To: UndisclosedRecipients
Subject: ISCAR Rome Conference 2011 Keynote Lectures Official DVDs now on sale
Importance: High

Dear Colleague,
I am very glad to announce you that the DVD of the Keynote Lectures of ISCAR  Rome Conference 2011 are now available at www.iscar2011.org<http://www.iscar2011.org> and can be purchased by the all interested scholars.
I remind you the Keynote Lecture titles: Francesco Avallone (“Living Together”), David R. Olson (“Writing, Language Awareness and Rational Discourse”), Pascal Béguin (“Designing Instrument for Activity at Work: a Dialogical Approach”, Lucy Suchman (“Reconfiguring Agencies at the Human-Artifact Interface”), Elinor Ochs (“Experiencing Language”), Ruth Paradise (“Understanding Mesoamerican Indigenous Sociality: the Cultural Underpinnings of Negotiation/Reciprocity and Collaboration/Cooperation”), Elena Kravtsova (“Basic Principles of Cultural-Historical Psychology”), Yutaka Sayeki (“Anthropomorphic Epistemology: when a Dialogue with Objects Starts), Clotilde Pontecorvo “Discussing for Reasoning”, Jean Lave (“Changing Practice”), Jaan Valsiner (“Semiosis and Activity: Towards Theoretical Synthesis”).

The sale price is 15,00€ for each DVD and only 49,00€ (instead of 75,00€) for the purchase of the whole 5-DVDs package. Regular ISCAR annual members only will benefit a special 10% discount on the purchase of a single DVD or on the whole 5-DVDs package.

PLEASE NOTE: for purchase made by Bank Transfer payment you must send your order both to info@iscar2011.org<mailto:info@iscar2011.org> and to commerciale@infantiae.org<mailto:commerciale@infantiae.org>.

You will be contacted back and receive instructions about how to proceed with your payment.

For further information do not hesitate to contact info@iscar2011.org<mailto:info@iscar2011.org>, including commerciale@infantiae.org<mailto:commerciale@infantiae.org> in cc.

My best wishes,

Clotilde Pontecorvo (President of ISCAR Rome Conference 2011)
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