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Re: [xmca] Help? - Microgenesis, Microgenetic, Microgeny?

Ha,a ha! David you are always an educative and entertaining read, but anyone reading this would really be surprised that it is I and not you who want to be a Hegelian here. :) Despite my fascination with Hegel and his Philosophy of History, I do not actually believe that history can be logically deduced.
But let's move on, heh? It seems we both came up with effectively the same answer to Mike's conundrum, frecalling the work you and I did under Mike's guidance a few years ago! Isn't life a puzzle!


kellogg wrote:

PS: Andy--try Googling Hoffding. You'll see that the passage on p. 81 is actually more indebted to Hoffding than to Vygotsky's reading of the Philosophical Notebooks. But of course you are right; he did read the Philosophical Notebooks, and therefore it's quite unthinkable that he didn't read the Logic.


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