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[xmca] Wertsch proposes two distinct functions of text: univocal and dialogic

I have been re-reading chapter 4 [The Multivoicedness of Meaning] from
James Wertsch's book  "Voices of the Mind"

I have recently been questioning how "judgement" links with "action" and
how Bahktin's ideas may offer some insights.  This question brought me to
exploring Wertsch's elaboration of the writings of Yuri Lotman and Lotman's
proposal that texts can function in more than one way. Lotman assumes a
functional dualism of texts in a cultural system. The two basic functions
are to:
 - convey meanings [when the social languages of the speaker and the
listener coincide within a univocal function] &
- to generate new meanings [the multivoicedness or dialogic function]

Is this distinction which validates both functions of communication - the
*transmission* or *conduit* metaphor of communication AND the dialogic
function which requires judgement within particular concrete situations a
distinction which others agree with? [see page 73 to 78 for Wertsch's

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