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RE: [xmca] Journal title: Learning, Culture and Social Interaction

Hi Peter,

Is that the same article you have sent to me sometime ago or is that a new one?

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Subject: [xmca] Journal title: Learning, Culture and Social Interaction 
In case anyone's interested in either the journal or the article, the first issue of Learning, Culture and Social Interaction has been published. 
The journal is edited by Harry Daniels, Anne Edwards, Neil Mercer, and Roger Saljo, who have excellent cultural-historical credibility. The journal is affiliated with both ISCAR and EARLI. 

The article itself has a fairly self-explanatory title, for anyone other than me interested in either mental health or defectology as outlined by LSV. p
"Every individual has his own insanity": Applying Vygotsky's work on defectology to the question of mental health as an issue of inclusion" 

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