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[xmca] interesting stuff from The International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education

The 9th IAIMTE conference summer 2013, Paris, France.

June 11-13 2013
PhD Pre conference Monday, June 10

Conference chair: Prof. Dr Brigitte Marin. More information<http://www.ilo.uva.nl/projecten/gert/iaimte/conferencesregistration2013.asp>

New SIG!: Sue Brindley, Cambrdidge, UK, invites IAIMTE members to join a new Special interest group,
SIG: Dialogic Teaching and Learning: a cross curricular project<http://www.ilo.uva.nl/projecten/gert/iaimte/sigrole.asp>. See call<http://www.ilo.uva.nl/projecten/gert/iaimte/doc/Teacher%20Education%20SIG%202011.pdf>

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