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[xmca] Stepping Aside

Well, at last the left over work of last academic year is almost entirely
in bureaucratic
past and summer has begun here at LCHC where we are collectively taking
time off
in various ways for a couple of weeks.

July was so busy I forgot to pass along the news that this year I stepped
aside as
Director of LCHC and made the decision that following this academic year I
retire, retaining my connection with UCSD and, if it continues to exist,

Stefan Tanaka has accepted the task of becoming Acting Director of the Lab
to see
us through the coming year of transition into the
Also, happily, Christo Simms, a young scholar from Berkeley, will be
joining the Lab and the Communication Department. It promises to be an
interesting and busy year. But later for that!

A Happy Rest of the Summer to all of you in the Northern Hemisphere, and
greetings to those
"down south."

I look forward to many years of continued learning in this discussion forum.
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