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[xmca] Spelling correction.

It is crucial to understand that we experience only a SENSE of meaning from our words, not an "absolute knowing" of meaning. But, in the absence of any other given experience of meaning available to us, we allow that emotional sense of meaning that we experience with the sounds of our words to supply us with our operating premise, our foundational world-view. By acting as though we can somehow arrive at a state of final knowing of meaning, we send ourselves on an endless quest for that understanding by compulsively verbalizing, - both vocally and mentally - and, of course, we never achieve that elusive state. Only by realizing the relativity of our informational inputs can we acknowledge the real source of our SENSE of knowing, the effects of the sounds of our words. We simply associate, subliminally, those effects with those things to which we refer verbally. "In the beginning was the word......." __________________________________________
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