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Re: [xmca] Gangs and their mothers

Sounds like a fascinating topic, Dale. I hope you manage to find the article, because that may be another purchase for me too I think. And maybe there are some politicians who should read it before they invade another country, too,


Dale Cyphert wrote:
Mostly I lurk nowadays, but once in a while I come up with a really random
question that only this group could possibly answer....

In my travels through the literatures on  literacy, culture, and
distributed cognition, I once came across an article that
mentioned...somewhat in passing, perhaps...the situation of youth gangs
moving from one turf toward another.  It might have involved Italian and
Latino gangs in the US Northeast?

In any case, at one point in the story, the boys in one gang became irate
with the others...not because the other gang had fought, so much, but
because the rules of warfare had been violated.   In one neighborhood, the
expectation was that mothers would come out into the street, calling their
boys home when there seemed to be a pending escalation to real violence.
When these boys moved into a new area, however, the mothers failed to
fulfill that responsibility, and some serious injuries were sustained.

So, if you have a clue what, when, who this article was, I'd sure like to
track down the citation!  If I do have notes, they didn't pertain to this
little tidbit, but now I have a project that begs for this example!


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