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Re: [xmca] Mike Cole on Instrumentalist understanding of mediation

Oh one doesn't even have to go as far as psychotherapy, Martin. Any manager or supervisor is changing someone's mind with words, but in either case, if the purpose is to change someone else's actions, then the word-actions are part of an activity. Psychotherpay as an example just raises the possibility that someone's troubled inner state could be amelioriated without expecting any change whatsoever in how they lived
their life. That's hard for me to imagine.

Martin Packer wrote:
What about psychotherapy, Andy?


On Mar 12, 2012, at 1:07 AM, Andy Blunden wrote:

so long as we are only "doing things with words," then we indeed in the realms of idealism. You cannot, in my opinion, have "an activity" which is only words.

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