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[xmca] SIG Program at AERA

The Cultural-Historical SIG Business Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 16, 6:15-8:15 pm in the Vancouver Convention Centre, Second Level, West Room 224. In addition to announcing our new officers and the recipient of the Graduate Student Award, we'll be having a short presentation by Tony Perone, the 2011 recipient of that award, and a special panel on Imaginative Play as a Life-Span, Cultural Activity. 
The symposium features a multi-disciplinary group of colleagues passionate about play: Joan Almon, Alliance for Childhood; Mike Askew, Monash University; Andrew Burton, Street Spirits; Artin Goncu, University of Illinois-Chicago; Carrie Lobman, Rutgers University; Jaime R. Martinez, NY Institute of Technology. 

Play is a critical life activity in leading learning and development across the lifespan, yet play has become a neglected even denigrated aspect of education. In this session, we revisit play as the foundation for action in education. Our panel takes up the challenge to the current convention of cookie cutter curriculum and advocates, instead, for the recognition and restoration of play in the ways we teach, learn and live. 

Please join us for food, drink, networking and an important conversation—and bring your friends and colleagues!

You can view the full SIG annual meeting schedule of sessions at http://convention2.allacademic.com/one/aera/aera12/index.php?click_key=1

Lois Holzman

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