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Re: [xmca] Re: Levy-Bruhl, concrete psychology and "primitivism"

Thank you for encouraging the compiling of the threads in 2008 and the
current thread on "progress" and themes of directions or  "arrows" pointing
in a particular direction.

After reading Achilles explorations of the aesthetic impulse I see her
2008 thread intermingling with Martin's introduction of Marx's "notebooks".
When I was reading this article on how Morgan's work was EUPHORICALLY read
by Marx, I was noticing how powerfully "reading books" is on the
Rose, in the article stated,

The poetic spirit, in fact, makes its presence felt more than once in these
*Notebooks*. Auspiciously, in this compendium of ethnological evidence,
Marx duly noted Morgan's insistence on the historical importance of "*
imagination*, that great faculty so largely contributing to the elevation
of mankind," From cover to cover of these *Notebooks *we see how Marx's
encounter with "primitive cultures" stimulated his own imagination, and we
begin to realize that there is much more here than Engels divulged.

Marx's imagination was "transporting" him into fictional aesthetic realms
in which he was exploring "non-Marxian" themes.

Vygotsky and Luria were also captivated by aesthetic imaginal realms.
Anthropology as a discipline seems to be a narrative vehicle that has the
potential [if we engage seriously with its topic] to also "transport" us to
imaginal realms in the search for social arrangements that will express
more "communal" values.

Thanks everyone for pulling these threads together.


On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 3:14 PM, Martin Packer <packer@duq.edu> wrote:

> If anyone out there does have a copy of these Notebooks, I would very much
> like to see them. Attached is one of around a dozen articles I've found on
> the topic, to prime the pump.
> Rosemont, F. (1989). Karl Marx and the Iroquois. Arsenal: Surrealist
> Subversion, 4, 201-213.
> Martin
> On Feb 19, 2012, at 5:55 PM, Steve Gabosch wrote:
> > Marx in his Ethnological Notebooks - anyone have a copy?)
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