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[xmca] Vygotsky on religion and science

Dear Dot and all other friends,

I think on the acceptance of (theory of ) evolution and preferring not to
think on it as a static attitude but rather as a result of an individual
and social development and learning process for an individual, my mind goes
always to Vygotsky, surely, on the path which is enlightened surely by Marx
first of all but to Vygotsky also in terms of the role of social relations
starting from the early years, family.
And when I think this I remember having read about Gita and Vygotsky, Gita
asking his father about God and religion, and Vygotsky telling her nothing
of his atheistviews but instead sying to her something like that "when time
comes, she will herself decide about it".
What was the possible reason for this stance of Vygotsky? Because he was
believing in an active role on the part of the child in concept
formation,that we all know very well, or besides this ,others? I think this
changes from context to context,in some other contexts today , you may or
should not leave so much to the child in some countries :)

Do you and does anybody know more about on the individual and social
learning and development process as regards religion and (theory of)
evolution in Vygotsky?
Is there any study which looks into this in terms of everyday concepts and
scientific concepts?
(I am especially attracted by the fact that science, biology education is
only to a certain extent succesful to turn rejection into acceptance of
theory of evolution and it is even more powerles to turn undecided into
acceptance and the relationship this may have that scientific concepts do
not replace everyday concepts but transform or dominate them).
I am informed that leading findings in terms of accepting evoluton are :
(failure in understanding nature of science, nos, isin the first rank,
religion in the second and knowdledge of evolution in the third.
This makes me think that the problem is rather with social relations, at
least to a great extent in some countries.

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