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[xmca] The relation between "images" and "voices"

Hi Mike and others

Further musings and reflections on the centrality of "gaps" in the
in-FORM-ation of self & world

In an article "levinas and hermeneutic on ethics and the Other" by Steve
Harrist and Frank Richardson, they bring in Bahktin's voice to their
As I red the passage I'm quoting I was linking it to Mike's article o the
formation of images in the "gaps" of awareness.

Bahktin is talking about the formation of "persausive" inner voices that
are half ours and half others.

"Voices become innerly persausive as a result of a certain KIND of dialogic
process. Each voice or position [stance] is "viewed" by others and GLIMPSES
ITS OWN IMAGE in the eyes of the OTHERS.  For this to take place
OUTSIDENESS [gaps???] is NECESSARY.  An IMAGE of a voice may be STRUCTURED
only from the point of VIEW of another voice, which is temporarily taken as
a norm.  Each voice incorporates its own evaluative position at the same
time that it remains OPEN to the potential truth of the Other.  This back
and forth process [and the GAPS between moves?? draws out the potential and
insight and wisdom of different voices or positions [or stances??] and
allows a new temporary open-ended unity to emerge.

Mike, this is a way of linking "voices" and "images". I thought this
perspective could add to the discussion of your article on imagination
FORMing within gaps or "outsideness".

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