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RE: [xmca] Bruner on Vygotsky

Larry, you wrote:

Direct instruction is SYSTEMATICALLY scripted in its attempt to be "teacher
However, this scripted approach does improve test scores.

         please don't conflate "direct instruction" with "scripted instruction" .  

in direct instruction the teacher evaluates students' needs to determine what needs to be taught; determines the order of instruction; listens critically to student responses to know how to proceed and at what pace to proceed; decides on the amount of reteaching; responds to the needs; encourages analysis and synthesis; and embeds explanations in authentic learning experiences.

in scripted instruction the program decides what should be taught; the program determines the order of instruction; determines pacing; dictates amount of time reteaching; doesn't recognize student needs; focuses on recall (usually with direct replication); and the program sequences lessons in an artificial learning experience.

yes - scripted instruction can raise test scores - but only a certain level of basic skills.  

the discouraging part for me as a classroom teacher is wondering why it takes scripted instruction so that student skills do become stronger?  

well ..........

my two bits.


Phillip White, PhD
University of Colorado Denver
School of Education

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