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[xmca] Noel Pearson's "Radical Hope" essay

Radical Hope: Education and Equality in Australia (105 pp) by Noel Pearson

Prologue 1-11
Even Keeling, No Excuses 12-26
Groundhog Day 27-34
If the student has not learned, the teacher has not taught 35-54
The Cultural Hearth 55-72
The dialectics of education and policy debates 73-93
No excuses on an uneven keel 94-102
Epilogue: Stanner

Opening passage:
For what may we hope? Kant put this question in the first-person
singular along with two others – What can I know? and What ought
I do? – that he thought essentially marked the human condition.
With two centuries of philosophical reflection, it seems that these
questions are best transposed to the first-person plural. And with
that same hindsight: rather than attempt an a priori inquiry, I would
like to consider hope as it might arise at one of the limits of human
existence ... [Crow Indian Chief] Plenty Coups responded to the
collapse of his civilisation with radical hope. What makes this hope
radical is that it is directed toward a future goodness that transcends
the current ability to understand what it is. Radical hope anticipates
a good for which those who have the hope as yet lack the appropri-
ate concepts with which to understand it. What would it be for such
hope to be justified?
—Jonathan Lear, Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation

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