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Re: [xmca] Peter Smagorinsky on concepts

Greg, I attach the version of Chapter 7 of T&S from the LSVCW.

I would not risk trying to unfold Vygotsky's metaphor. Maybe you are right? It is a matter for personal exploration.

But thinking is not inner speech and nor is it predicative speech (i.e. sentences without a grammatical subject). These are processes mediating between thought and conscious awareness. "Thought is always something whole, something with significantly greater extent and volume than the individual word."


Greg Thompson wrote:
Andy, sorry I don't have my copy of T & S with me, but how does this:
      "Thought is always something whole, something with significantly
      greater extent and volume than the individual word. Over the course
      of several minutes, an orator frequently develops the same thought.
      This thought is contained in his mind as a whole. It does not arise
      step by step through separate units in the way that his speech
      develops. /What is contained simultaneously in thought unfolds
      sequentially in speech. /Thought can be compared to a hovering cloud
      which gushes a shower of words" {Thinking and Speech, Chapter 7,
      LSVCW vol 1}.

square with the idea of thought as highly predicated* (i.e. abbreviated) inner speech? Is inner speech the process of evaporation that filled the "clouds" (i.e. thought) with words in the first place? There are atmospheric forces in the sky (i.e. thought) that are part of what causes the precipitates of thought to form, but those forces are transformed by the addition of water (words/language)? But maybe I'm taking the metaphor too far... Thoughts? Words?
*I thought that this is the word used in one of the translations...

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