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[xmca] mini-Bakhtinian Conference: update - deadline for paper submission January 17th

Dear Bakhtinian colleague,

We have received some requests to extend the deadline for the submission of the proposal for the mini-Bakhtinian conference and we agreed.
We extended the deadline for a week, making the new deadline for the conference proposal submission Tuesday, January 17th.  Attached, you will also find the updated Conference Announcement and the call for presentation proposals.

All the best and Happy New Year.

Ana and Eugene

Dr. Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Assistant Professor of Education
Chestnut Hill College
St. Joseph Hall, 4th Floor, Room #172
e-mails:  Marjanovic-ShaneA@chc.edu
Phone:    267-334-2905

Dr. Eugene Matusov
Professor of Education
University of Delaware
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