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Re :[xmca] Idem per Idem

Dear David,
It's impossible for me to address the content of your message ( two days  of fiestas and still no sleep! ). Though there  are many many issues around 'systems' notions to discuss sometime. 
 I thought I would convey that I recieved this response as a 'gesture of generation of excess'  and although I remember your sharing of opera - had the feeling this 'was opera' - a very imaginative image of this 'content' actually being a burst of song has tickled my sense of humour since I set off travelling on the 30th December - and even today I still laugh - I have no idea why this should be the case.
 It might flow past without timely response -  so I've sent this in the meantime. happy New year,
 Christine 		 	   		  __________________________________________
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