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Re: [xmca] Interpreting Leontiev: functionalism and Anglo Finnish Insufficiences

Christine, I can't really follow your message, but can I just observe that I know nothing of intervention. I am a lab rat myself. I act only in the world of which I am a part, be it wild or woolly, and my conception of "project" needs to be understood in that way.

Have agood christmas. It's over 30C here.


christine schweighart wrote:
I've now read the review - it was very interesting to be oriented to it and hear Morten draw upon the 'Gegenstand' It is a big leap, but what happens trying to prepare for 'projects' and different principles of 'doing' intervening - are brought out before the different(science and human-in-the world(planet)) language speaking specialists know what it is they're trying to work on - when do they recognise they've 'got' a project moving from exploration to focus - from experience to inscription, or when to say 'hey?, I don't know what's going on?' Morten might be calling for 'concepts in the wild', but what happens when it's the only place where a practice can grow from, and to grow is to come from the most vulnerable place of being 'touched' to beyond that which helped? Maybe even having to go to the 'home' of the other specialists who come into projects, stay for a while influence through sense of literacy in experiencing their encounter and then -'return'? To overcome the mess that can happen (and does) when specialists all needs to learn what's 'within' each others contribution before they've expressed it. Or they all have is that disorientation to even talk from experience in the 'home' of their CHTs - there become so many key principles that 'the art of creating inscription' - which they haven't yet aquired grows to the extent that understanding which is most important from within experience - but that will also 'help' signify anything meaningful beyond borders within 'tradition' ( overcoming the comfort of following our stars and wize men - grappling with power relations as well as our love for them)- starts to take so long there's no time to pass it on.

Universities have been the gatekeepers of thinking and written expression - but what if the concept - as theory of activity thought - needs the movements as it comes from 'illiteracy' to develop - the gatekeeping principle becomes very 'hot'. The principle has been to require a certain 'biography' - to enter at all. Yet the 'illiterate' are far from illiterate ( the story of the peasan't knowledge, by the time the 'hunt' is happening "it's" already 'gone' and there is more to life than hunger). And what if the object has become 'project management' and not the object of each project when no-one was listening in the heat?

I have been trying to express Maturana's 'autopoiesis' where it has become 'lost' again in the 'home' of systems that encouraged it to grow when the biologists did not recognise the work. I find it very difficult to find a form to express what I'm trying to do - when I am not at once already aware of 'what I'm trying to do in relation to 'the agenda'. Each 'episode' feels very insufficient and as if the so many thought s on the way couldn't be 'held' to make relations 'make sense' through 'project', through 'project management' , through acting in my sensed-to-imagined-to realising, in motive of higher educational intervention. from systems the introduction of 'actuality' in relation to reality , has been theoretical recognised - but hasn't become embedded in conceptual tool such that in time awareness of 'actuality' will beappreciated individually freeing into the social 'functionality' produced for those who start with 'the tool'. Yet strangely when 'others out there' address me as a 'systems thinker' I find from my experience in Chat gatherings that this will inscribe me with issues of Talcot Parson's functionality, or in autopoiesis Luhmann! Yet the conceptual tools were 'generated' in a spirit of enquiiry 'bracketing' and Husserl, and the 'emptying value' . So I have a 'gegenstand' of overcoming that 'preconception' in living practicing. Hope to enjoy the 'break' and reunite in depth with family, yet keep listening and inching through - there is so much to keep in moments of feeling sense to gesture towards..

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