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[xmca] Intrauterinists

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What I remember from Culturalists and Ideationists is that the intrauterine creature (fetus) we help get delivered (IS) a HUMAN BEING . Then what she is commited to do after she is delivered is not yet and once again to prove her humanhood but to discover her SELF through an exposition to the ENVIRONMENT : Society cannot be more than the sum total of its individuals .  

Alexander Meshcheryakov : The BEASTs we were encountering ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rubinstein :  Externals act through the INTERNALS . What are these INTERNALS--cf. The Little Book discovered on a good day !--Eulogy upon Leontiev's grave?   (so-called FATHER OF ACTIVITY THEORY--cf. A.V.Brushlinsky--especial thanks to Mike) (cf. his intro to the "Unity of Con. and Activity""-- Morality pure and perfect !--especial thanks to Larry Purss)

A.N.Leontiev :

[[...This side is revealed,
however, only by analysis of the internal relations that link meanings with yet
another “formative element” of consciousness – the personal meaning…
At the early stages, when
people participating in collective labour still have common motives, meanings
as phenomena of social consciousness and as phenomena of individual
consciousness directly correspond to one another. But this relationship does
not endure in further development. It disintegrates along with the
disintegration of the original relationships between individuals and the
material conditions and means of production, along with the emergence of the
social division of labour and private property. [Karl Marx, A Contribution
to the Critique of Political Economy] The result is that socially
evolved meanings begin to live a kind of double life in the consciousness of
individuals. Yet another relationship, another movement of meanings in the
system of the individual consciousness is brought into being…
Marx writes. This thought throws
into relief a very important feature of consciousness at the early stages of
development, namely the fact that objects are reflected in language and
consciousness as part of a single whole along with the human needs which they
concretise or “reify”…
At the early stages of the
formation of consciousness objective meanings merge with personal meaning, …
It is these personal meanings
that create what L. Vygotsky has called the “hidden” plane of the
consciousness, which is so often interpreted in psychology not as a formative
element in the subject's activity, in the development of his motivation, but as
something that is supposedly a direct expression of the intrinsic, essential
forces originally implanted in human nature itself…
It is the personal meaning
that gives human consciousness its partiality…
The embodiment of personal
meaning in objective meanings is a profoundly intimate, psychologically
significant and by no means automatic or instantaneous process. This process
is seen in all its fullness in works of literature and in the practice of moral
and political education.
It is most clearly
demonstrated in the conditions of class society, in the context of the ideological
Picture the fundamental
contradiction which this situation brings about. In contrast to society the
individual has no special language of his own with meanings that he has evolved
himself. His comprehension of reality can take place only by means of the
“ready-made” meanings he assimilates from without – the knowledge, concepts,
and views he receives through intercourse, in the various forms of individual
and mass communication. This is what makes it possible to introduce into his
consciousness or even impose upon that consciousness distorted or fantastic
notions and ideas, including those that have no basis in his real,
practical life experience. Because they have no proper basis they reveal
their weakness in his consciousness, but at the same time, having become stereotypes,
they acquire the capacity of any stereotype to resist, so that only the big confrontations of life can break them down. But even when they
are broken down, the disintegrity of the consciousness, its inadequacy, is not
removed; in itself the destruction of stereotypes causes only a devastation
that may lead to psychological disaster. There must also be a
transformation of the subjective personal meanings in the individual's
consciousness into other objective meanings that adequately express them…
If the individual is forced
to choose in certain circumstances, the choice is not between meanings,
but between the conflicting social positions expressed and comprehended
through these meanings…
Man's activity is the
substance of his consciousness… ]]

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