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Re: [xmca] new videos from ISCAR

Talking of ISCAR 2011, Volker Bunzendahl has a collection of photographs from Rome:


Andy Blunden wrote:
Yes, Luisa has done some hard work for all of us who could not make it to Rome, and video recorded the talks she listened to. We have:

Agency in Education. Authorial learning and teaching. Eugene Matusov

Emotions in the Classroom by Mabel Encinas
This is my favourite, and received 35 hits in the week after it was uploaded. It is an overview of Vygotsky on the emotions, also drawing on xmca discussions a while back, with illustrations drawn from a classroom in Mexico.

Experiencing Language, Elinor Ochs, Anthropology UCLA

Reconfiguring Agency at the Human-Computer Interface, Lucy Suchman

Elena Sokolova on Dialectical Psychology
This one can serve to illustrate what David Kellogg has been talking about in terms of the difference between XMCA discussions and the some of the legacy of A N Leontyev

Luisa Aires wrote:

Dear XMCAers,

You can find some videos uploaded on Vimeo that have been recorded at ISCAR Rome Congress. Those videos are “amateur” recordings of very interesting scientific moments. Andy did an excellent editing.
We hope you enjoy them: http://vimeo.com/groups/39473/

I wish you a happy New Year.

Best wishes,

Luísa A.

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