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Re: [xmca] Update on Tony Whitson

On Dec 11, 2011, at 2:00 PM, David H Kirshner wrote:

> "Tony is not able to independently log on to this
> account yet or read comments with understanding, but he seems to
> understand spoken language perfectly, so we are reading the emails on
> this account to Tony as they come in.  

This seems a powerful example of the way that compensation, that is, treatment and recovery from neurological damage, requires an external, social, moment. LSV wrote that “Research into the compensatory functions that develop in these disorders also shows that the objectification of a disturbed function, that is, bringing it outside and changing it into external activity, is one of the basic roads in the compensation of disorders”. 

I hope that we at XMCA might together provide that external activity that will help Tony in his recovery.


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