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Re: [xmca] Fwd: CSSC Call for Proposals: Please Forward

Den 03-12-2011 20:50, Robert Lake skrev:
Hi Everyone around the world!
Can you share this with your graduate students?

Thanks so much,



The Planning Council of the Curriculum Studies Summer Collaborative (CSSC)
invites your submissions for the second annual meeting in the heart of
historic Savannah, Georgia, June 20-23, 2012. The *Priority Submission
Deadline is March 19, 2012*. Please visit our website for the complete call
for proposals and conference details.


CSSC Planning Council Members
*Julie Garlen Maudlin, Co-Chair
Daniel Chapman, Co-Chair
Ming Fang He
William Reynolds
Michelle Reidel
Robert Lake
Sabrina Ross
James C. Jupp
Sean Fretwell *


Volker Bunzendahl, Lektor
Cand.psych. og Konsulent

Professionshøjskolen University College Nordjylland (UCN)
Læreruddannelsen i Aalborg - Efter/videreuddannelse
Mylius Erichsens vej 131, 9210 Aalborg SØ
Tlf: 98 14 02 00
Mobil: 28 73 46 20
Mail: volker@volker.dk

Gammel Aalborgvej 16. 7741 Frøstrup
Privat: 86 96 46 14
Mobil: 28 73 46 20

Mail: volker@volker.dk
Home Page: volker.dk

Uddannelse i virkeligheden
University College Nordylland arbejder med uddannelse, udvikling og innovation inden for fire hovedområder: det sundhedsfaglige, det pædagogiske, det tekniske og business. UCN har ca. 7000 studerende på erhvervsakademi- og professionsbacheloruddannelser, over 9000 kursister og studerende på efter- og videreuddannelse og ca. 750 ansatte.

University College of Northern Denmark works with education, development and innovation within four main fields: healthcare, education, technology and business. We have approximately 7000 students in AP and BA degree programmes, more than 9000 course participants and students undergoing continuing and further education and training. We have about 750 employees.

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