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Re: [xmca] Fernando Rey - Path to Subjectivity

Hi Mike

On this topic [Rey's framing of Vygotsky's legacy as located in distinct
periods] I've just finished reading an article by Jussi Silvonen titled
"Vygotsky's Plural Discourse on the Human Mind".
It was helpful in my attempting to orient to this discussion. I can send an
attachment if others are interested. It is a summary of a lecture he
presented at ISCAR in 2005.

In Silvonen's Vygotsky he references Zinchenko's and El'Konin's perspectives
on semiotic meaning as expressing the 3rd  the period in Vygotsky's legacy.

Zinchenko in describing the ZPD wrote,
"In a first approximation, the process of development in cultural-historical
psychology may be described as a drama played out over the balance between
real and ideal forms, their transformation, and their conversions back and
forth from one to the other. The actor and sometimes the dramaturge, is the
SUBJECT of development. The stage is his LIFE IN THE WORLD or the world in
his life.

El'Konin wrote,
"The sign is introduced by another person, it initiates the behaviour of one
person THROUGH another person. The sign is, so to say, an introduction of
another person into the organization of a person's behaviour. In THIS
respect it is possible to understand a gift as a kind of GIFT. A GIFT serves
as a reminder of the GIVER.

This connects to Continental intersubjective philosophy and John Shotter
 More later


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> The chapter referred to in recent discussion of Fernando Rey's work is at
> papers for discussion on xmca. The url
> is
> http://lchc.ucsd.edu/MCA/Paper/Path-to-Subjectivity.pdf
> mike
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